Urban Fantasy Season One

  1. [1x01] “That’s Not My Name” The Ting Tings

  2. [1x02] “Bad Romance” Lady Gaga

  3. [Act One] “The Listening” Lights

  4. [Act Two] “Last Thing on your Mind” Lights

  5. [Act Three] “Lions” Lights

  6. [Epilogue] “What do you Want from me?” Adam Lambert

Urban Fantasy Season Two

  1. [Act One] “Cry Little Sister” Nicky Twist

  2. [2x07] “You are Not Alone” Michael Jackson

Adrift Homeless Season One

  1. [Act One] “Speed (1994) Theme” Mark Mancina

  2. [1x07] “Mr Roboto” Styx

The Aldonn Chronicles Season One

  1. [Act One] “You Know My Name” Chris Cornell

  2. [1x07] “Let it Go” Frozen

Dakotah SLade Paranormal Investigator Season One

  1. [Act One] “Ashes” Celine Dion

Isabol Tseung Voice News Season One

  1. [1x01] “Nobody Does it Better” Carly Simon

  2. [1x02] “Shallow” Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper